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  • 06Feb
    Tap-dancing helps new employees learn teamwork skills
    Tap-dancing helps new employees learn teamwork skills

    President Jaeun Koo emphasized developing a creative mind and having a spirit to challenge oneself at the new employees’ training completion ceremony

    Mentoring by senior employees helps new employees adapt to their new environment and improve their work skills

    On the 6th, LS Cable & System (CEO & President: Jaeun Koo) held its’ new employees’ training completion ceremony titled ‘It’s Time to Open’ inside LS Tower in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do. The event had around 200 attendants including 50 new employees who had completed the two-week training program.

    The highlight of the event was by far the tap-dance performance put on by new employees. Having passionately prepared for the performance by staying up nights despite their busy schedule during the two-week period, the new employees received enthusiastic applause from the audience.

    “Rhythm and beat are very important in tap dancing. A great tap dancing performance is possible only when every member of the group dances as one,” an LS Cable & System insider commented. “While preparing for the performance, the new employees learned about teamwork naturally.”

    Following the performance, President Jaeun Koo gave words of encouragement. “With passion and the spirit of challenge you have shown in today’s performance, I hope we will open up the next 50 years of LS Cable & System together.” President Koo emphasized, “I urge you to become creative people who provide differentiated values ahead of your competitors.”

    In addition to the performance, a ceremony to establish mentoring relationships with senior employees was held. The mentoring program is where senior employees help their mentees adapt to their new environment and improve their abilities. Another feature of the closing event was an award ceremony. Two teams with excellent results from the training were selected and awarded with a five-day tour of LS Cable & System’s overseas offices in China and Vietnam.

    LS Cable & System’s training curriculum for new employees is designed to help the inductees gain a basic understanding of the company’s organization and systems as well as the company’s key products and solutions.
    In addition to the basic job training, new employees participate in a variety of programs including a trip to the Donghae plant, night hiking at Mt. Odae and special lectures by well-known figures. As such, the training helps new employees build the basic abilities required of members of the organization and obtain the specialized knowledge for their assigned works.
    Upon completing the basic training the new employees move on to develop their occupational competencies through the three-month mentoring program and on-the-job training.
    Then, after an advanced job training course lasting about a year, the new employees grow into professionals in their respective fields.

    According to LSCNS