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    Name  Thai Son Nam Trading Co., Ltd
    Chairman  Mr Tran Anh Tu
    Founded  1998
    Total assets  Approximately VND 150 billion ( 2013 )
    Sales VND 500 billion ( 2013 )
    Number of employees 100, including 20 bachelors, engineers for sales and technical support
    Headquarters 122 -124 D1 St., Him Lam New Urban, Tan Hung, Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City

    Thai Son Nam Trading Co., Ltd

    Thai Son Nam Trading Co., Ltd, headquartered in 122-124 D1 Street, Him Lam New Urban, Tan Hung, District 7, is the exclusive distributor of LS electrical equipment (of LS IS Co., Ltd.) , LS Busway (of LS Cable & Systems Co., Ltd.) and LS LAN and telecommunication cables (of LS cable & Systems Co. Vietnam., Ltd.).

    Starting with a small retail business with LG Equipment (former brand of LS electrical equipment) 15 years ago and establishing Thai Son Nam Trading Co., Ltd. 10 years ago, with the very small initial market share and mostly known brand, Thai Son Nam has quickly established a largest distribution network for LS electrical equipment in the Southern region of Vietnam in the middle of the 2000s. That has brought significant advantages for LS electrical equipment as well as convenience to customers in purchasing and receiving quickly after-sales services for LS Equipment;

    LG electrical equipment was renamed to LS brand in 2005 (due to the separation of LG Group to 3 independent groups, including LG , GS and LS), while Thai Son Nam continued the strong promotion of the distribution network, as well as started entering projects in high-end segment with reliable full-rang products/ total- solutions and best services;

    With continuous efforts of the Company’s leaders, employees and agents, Thai Son Nam has been recognized by LS IS Co., Ltd. as the Global Largest Distributor of LS Electric Equipment in 70 countries around the world in 2007-2008. In addition, in parallel with a major distribution markets, project business has also achieved outstanding success, providing LS equipment for thousands of projects in all economic sectors, including those among the most high-end and biggest projects in Vietnam.

    Nam Thai Son recently celebrated our 10th Anniversary in Dec. 2013 with great achievements in recent years, which are the important motivation for company’s leaders and employees to continue moving forward to a further and greater development in the future, as well as contribute the best benefit for our customers, communities and society.

    * Company History:

    – 1998: Starting distribution of LG equipment ( later renamed as LS )

    – 2003 : Establishment of  Thai Son Nam Trading Co., Ltd., and acknowledgement as exclusive distributor of LG electrical equipment;

    – 2005 : Market leading distributor of electrical equipment in the Southern Region ; LG Electrical equipment changed to LS brand;

    – 2007-2008 : Awarded as Global largest electrical equipment distributor of LS IS Co., Ltd.;

    – 2009 : Starting distribution of LS Cast Resin Transformer, LS Cable Busway ( of LS Cable / Korea) in Vietnam Market; Expanding the supply of equipment for high-end market projects ;

    – 2011 : Completing construction and moving its headquarter to Him Lam New Urban Area, Tan Hung, District 7 (1500 sqm);

    – 2013 : 10th anniversary of the establishment ; Starting distribution of LAN and Telecommunications Cable LS (of LS Cable & Systems Vietnam ) in Vietnam ;

    General Director
    Nguyen Hong Hai