• Cast Resin Transformer

    LS Cast Resin Transformer takes pride in the ability to offer a wide variety of designs and configurations necessary to satisfy customer needs. Computer and CAD/CAM systems are used for quick and accurate design and manufacturing to meet specific customer requirements.

    • Rated capacity: up to 3150 kVA.

    • HV rated voltage: 6/10/22/33kV.

    • LV rated voltage: 400V.

    • Insulation class: F type.

    • Vacuum-cast with epoxy resin with excellent electrical and mechanical strength

    • Excellent shortage mechanical strength, water proof characteristic, and non flammability, appropriate for sever load change such as subway power supply.

    • No oil exchange and firefighting equipment.

    • Applicable standard: KS C 4311, IEC 60076-11, IEEE C57.12.01.

    Catalogue: [Transformer] Catalog_EN_2023

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