• Susol Air Circuit Breakers

    Susol ACB provide fully lined-up 03-frame size: 2000/4000/6300AF. For each frame, there is just one size, which is smaller and more compact. It allows the user to design the optimized volume panel.
    • Rated current (In): 630 ~ 6,300AF, 03/04 poles, fixed or draw-in/out type.
    • Rated breaking capacity (Ics=100%Icu): 85/100/150kA (at 500VAC).
    • Max breaking capacity: 150kA (6,300AF at 500VAC)
    Offers variety of accessories including digital trip relay with metering/mearsuring/analysis/
    communication functions.

    • Standards: IEC 60947-2 for ACB, IEC 60947-3 for DSU (without OCR).

    Catalogue: [Susol_Metasol_ACB]_EN_Catalogue-202403


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