• Susol Molded Case Circuit Breakers (High-end)

    • Susol stands for super solution

    • Simplified 6 frame size (160, 250, 630, 800, 1250, 1600AF)

    • Improved quality: Uimp 8kV, Ui 750V, Ue 690V

    • High breaking capacity (50/60/85/100/150kA at 415VAC, Ics=100% Icu)

    • Optimized protection and accurate measurement

    • Communication capable circuit breakers via Modbus, RS485

    • Interchangeable trip units & add-on module system

    • Ensuring discrimination and cascading

    • Plug-in versions for fast removal or insertion of the circuit breaker without exposure to live parts

    • Easy installation and various connection, mounting

    • Compliance with international standard IEC60947-2 and RoHS directive

    • Approved by shipping registries • CE marked, CB approved by KEMA

    • Protection of the environment by avoiding use of hazardous substance

    • Mechanical / Electrical Endurance: up to 25,000 / 10,000 times

    • Ambient Temparature: 40 degree C (can be up to 55 degree C upon request for using in Middle East)

    • Electronic Trip Unit: Available

    • Communication available in Electronic Trip type for Profibus / Modbus

    • All kind of accessories are available ( Motorise-operating, Shun-trip/ Closing Coils, Auxiliary switches,… )

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