• Busway

    Characteristics and Merits  • Large volume of energy transmission   • Lowe Voltage Drop • Easy construction due to a one-bolt structure • High capacity cabling, small space requirement and cost-efficiency • High short-circuit strength ( up to 200kA/1s for Aluminium & Copper Busduct from 4000A)  • Easy to handle in case of accident • Good heat-resistance • Easy management due to a simple design • Nice exterior • Expansion, removal, and re-installation enable

    E-Series  BUSDUCT

    Operating Voltage: up to 1000VAC 

    Operating Current: from 630 to up 7500A ( copper ) and 6000A ( Aluminium) 

    • Using 2 pieces-AL extruded Housing, light weight product is produced. •  Epoxy Class B ( UL list) insulation / USA Fluidizing Bed method & facility  for  providing superior  quality / life-time ( up to 50 years)/ strong in impact strength / Water & humidity, normal chemical material resistant .

    For fire Resistant Busduct, Insulation will be replaced by MICA 1200 degree C. For cost saving reason, Polyester Film (Mylar) Class B can be used with traditional technology ( not recommended for developed countries / Middle East and Hot weather

    •  Designed as a cubicle structure that effectively dissipates heat, a compact-sized product is produced.

    STANDARD: IEC/EN 60439-1/2 ( Full-type test as per TTA request) – UL857 (UL listed & Marking)

    Ambient Temparature: from -15 to 55 degree C

    Relative Humidity: up to 95%

    Very high short circuit withstand: Up to 200kA/1s for Al/CU busduct from 4000A

    Applicable for all kind of projects & in all countries

    All kind of IP from 54 up to 67 ( from IP 68, busduct type Cast Resin will be surved)

    Serving all kind of Phase structure from standard 3P+N+PE ( Al housing)  to Clean Earthing 3P+100N+50% internal E, up to minimizing harmonic current with 200N. Aluminium Housing can supply much more Earthing Capacity than requested by IEC/EN

    •  With one-bolting type joint kit, product is easily installed in a short time.

    All accessories are available

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