• Lan Cable

    LS Cable&System provides the total solution required to build a communications infrastructure, which is the basis of the free and rapid communications world. The quality of the LS Cable&System products have been recognized in the global marketplace as well as the domestic market. LS Cable&System secures the best technologies and manufacturing capabilities that conform to global environment restrictions.

    Examples of LAN cables include communications cables for high-speed communications and Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) copper cables used for voice and data (e.g., LAN and IBS) communications in in-plant communications line systems, shielding cables (e.g., FTP and S-FTP) and cabling materials (e.g., patch cords, patch panels, and modular jacks).

     Applied Protocols :

    • Token ring of 4/16 Mbps

    • 10/100/1000/10G BASE-T

    • 15 Mbps, 1.2Gbps ATM

    • 100 Mbps TP-PMD

    • Products applicable to communication systems such as ISDN and ADSL

     Characteristics and Merits

    LS Cable&System cables and cabling materials for the Local Area Network (LAN) systems have adhered to strict quality guidelines & have obtained certifications such as UL, ETL, Delta, and KS from domestic and overseas public organizations. They meet all lead-free standards to fit the global market. LS Cable&System owns any and all products needed by customers in the LAN cable market and meets the various needs of its customers. This product family includes Cat.3 products for voice communications and UTP Cat.6A (transmittance of 10 Gbps and 500 MHz and 10G BASE-T) for 10G data communications, which is the latest trend in the communications market. 

    Main Features

    • Lines (e.g., LAN and IBS) and materials for voice and data communications

    – Multi-pair cables for vertical cabling between MDF and IDF (More than 25pr)

    – Cables for horizontal cabling that can be connected to the user terminal (4pr)

    – Materials (e.g., panels, jacks, and cords) used for MDF and IDF

    • Cables (LSZH and CMP) from which toxic gas is removed in the case of fires

    • Lead-free cables from which heavy metals harmful to cabling personnel and users have been removed

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